(Lack of) Social Media in the Legal Sector

With every passing year, the necessity of SEO and social media marketing grows. With 175 million Twitter accounts, 250 million Facebook accounts and over 100 million Linkedin accounts, connecting with people via social media is easier and more important than ever.

Yet, many in the legal sector seem to be lagging behind

Of the AmLaw firms, 85% report they already use social media or plan to implement a social media marketing program within the next 6 months. Implementing a social media program immediately is vital in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Keeping up-to-date with social media will push your firm ahead of so many others and create more opportunities to talk with potential clients.. The American Bar Association conducted a survey in 2011 of law firms on social media.

The results showed that 33% of law firms are on Linkedin, 17% are on Facebook, and less than 8% are on Twitter. Further, the ABA asked those law firms what percent of their attorneys have complete and up-to-date profiles on these websites, and the law firms reported that only 19% on Linkedin, 12% on Facebook, and 2% on Twitter. In contrast, Fortune Magazine reports that 62% of Fortune 500 companies have “tweeted” in the last 30 days, 60% have a Facebook page, and 23% have their own blogs. These Fortune 500 companies have already discovered the importance of social media marketing, but law firms are woefully behind the times.

Google analytics reports that 9.14 million searches are conducted monthly for the word “lawyer,” 13.6 million for “attorney,” and 823,000 for “counsel.” However, there are only 393,000 linked profiles containing one of those search terms (less than one-third of all attorneys in the US). Therefore, linking your firm’s website to those search results will put you ahead of 67% of the law firms in the US.

Getting your law firm online is increasingly important and you don’t want to be the last to follow the trend. Linking your law firm’s website to search engines and staying on top of your social media pages will create top-of-mind awareness in consumers, and bring you potential clients.

All data was taken from Lexis Nexis.


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