Attorneys Play By Different Rules On Social Sites

Attorneys using social media for their business will need to keep a wary eye out for any new state legislation changes pertaining to online activity.  Correy Stephenson in New Orleans City Business writes:

“Despite the often-murky ethical lines, bar associations are monitoring the Internet and some states, such as Louisiana, have attempted to regulate attorneys’ online activity.”

The existing rules for law firm advertisements are no less relevant online, however social media and web2.0 technology walks a fine line between what is advertising and what isn’t.  While corporate social media campaigns are not explicit sales maneuvers, they build brands and therefore are advertising, no matter how entertaining (or not) you may find their appeals.

When lawyers advertise or promote their business, it must be labeled as such for the consumers’ sake.  But those of us that use a variety of social media platforms know that explicit advertising without offering anything in return via social sites is considered poor practice or spam- bad etiquette if you will.

The legal industry is relatively new to the social media scene, but already their involvement is changing the way officials’ regulate and monitor social media.

More information and a full article can be found on page 16 of New Orleans City Business, August 6-12th paper, or online here.


Categories: Legal Marketing, Social Media

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