ABA Journal Study Reveals What Works For Firm Websites

ABA Journal Study Reveals What Works For Firm Websites

ABA Study, April 2009

Branding: http://www.bakerlaw.com/

The ABA Journal Studied and noticed most of Am Law 250 websites had three things in common:

  • Logo top-left
  • Long, thin image across the top of the site featuring a skyline
  • Below that, three columns of type (news, highlights and a definition of the firm).

This site succeeds because it’s well written—and, at the same time, it fails because it’s all words.  But here’s what they liked: Baker & Hostetler follows the three rules of an effective site:

1)    Have a purpose.

2)    What do you want the reader to do?
  Create a dialogue with the reader.

Position yourself as important, confident and a leader.

Innovation: http://reedsmith.com/

Reed Smith is using RSS feeds to deliver regular content to subscribers. Although a number of firms also provide RSS feeds, Reed Smith offers a “roll your own” feed—just check the practice areas and topics that interest you and you’ll receive a personal, customized feed. This is an effective way to deliver targeted, regularly updated information to site users. The site also uses “tagging” to show its most popular pages—just click the “most viewed” tab on the home page.

All Business: http://www.oginski-law.com/

Using your website to attract clients doesn’t require a degree in rocket science.  But it does require an understanding of lead generation, which has three components.

Develop a way to attract pros­pects to your site

2)   Offer these people something of value so they will part with their contact information

3)   Contact and qualify prospects quickly, because after visiting your site they will likely go to the sites of other law firms

Gerald M. Oginski specializes in medical-malpractice cases in the New York metropolitan area.  He began producing short YouTube videos. In each, he asks and answers a question about malpractice cases.  His videos make prospects feel as if they have met him. But the videos alone are not sufficient to seal the deal, and he knows it.

That’s why you’ll also find a blog and dozens of articles and FAQs. This written content attracts prospects from Google searches.  The important component of the site is a free, 200-page e-book, “Secrets of a New York Medical-Malpractice and Injury Attorney.”

The e-book resides behind a form. When people fill out the form to get a copy, Oginski gets a lead his team can use to contact and hopefully transform the visitor into a client.

For the full text from ABA Journal and additional examples go to: http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/law_firm_websites_that_work/


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