Make It Rain

There seems to be a lot of talk about “rainmakers,” as if they are born, not made.  While personality traits can definitely help, there are skills learned and developed to help land clients for a firm. In this day and age, rainmaking is becoming increasingly important for a firm to stay competitive and avoid stagnation.  So, what does it take to “make it rain?”

First of all, one must learn the skills needed to develop new business.  For beginners it may be worthwhile to find a mentor.  If there is already a lawyer in your firm who excels at client development, speak with them.  Find what works well and what does not.  Most lawyers and people in general are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience.  You only have to ask.

A second step is to develop a plan and stick with it.  As with most advertising or marketing campaigns, results are rarely immediate.  Think long term and short term to broaden your network and exposure.  Strategically plan writing and speaking opportunities, networking events and whatever else you think will appeal to clients.  Perhaps consider folding in personal interests with networking opportunities to keep things interesting. If you are beginning to overexert yourself, step back and take a break, but just remember to follow through with your plan to get results.

Books that promise sure-fire tips on marketing have flooded bookstores.  Your competition is reading them also.  Try and be creative.  Think about something different for client development.  Perhaps instead of sponsoring a charity event, actually get involved with charity itself.

Lastly, do not forget your current clients while you are working to bring new ones in.  A good client relationship can lead to great word-of-mouth marketing.  People talk.  Clients are always willing to laud about good attorneys and are quick to criticize ones who fall short.

Many people think that client development is simply about self-promoting and handing out business cards.  Rather, it is an opportunity to develop relationships with other people.  It is often said that clients hire people, not firms.  Develop relationships with people so when the time comes for them to seek legal advice, they will remember you and your firm.  You have the ability to work with clients you enjoy and you can actively create your own success.  Make it rain!

Many attorneys take advantage of marketing themselves and their firms with social networking services and activities including: blogs, whitepages, sponsorships, and becoming board members of relevant groups, just to name a few.


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